How secure is my K Ring?

How secure is my K Ring?

As K Ring uses the same technology as a contactless debit card, transactions made with your ring are just as secure as those made with a traditional contactless card. Furthermore, to make a payment with K Ring, it must be within very close proximity to a contactless reader and your hand must be in the Transmission Ready position to avoid any unintended transfer of data or funds.

Contactless transactions made with K Ring over the Mastercard® network are just as secure as using Chip & PIN. Your transactional data is always encrypted and because K Ring never leaves your finger, the risk of cloning or theft is significantly reduced.

If your K Ring is linked to a K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard account, you are protected by the stringent rules of the FCA; K Ring also provides you with all the tools you need to add further layers of security to your transactions, such as:
  1. The ability to switch your ring on and off, anytime, anywhere
  2. Constant background transactional risk assessments
  3. Balance notifications

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    • What is K Ring?

      K Ring (formerly known as Kerv Ring) is the world’s first Mastercard® contactless payment ring … and the first in an innovative range of next-generation wearable payment devices. K Ring can be used to make a payment anywhere in the world that accepts ...
    • Who makes K Ring?

      K Ring is made in the UK by K Wearables Ltd. The K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard® programme is operated by K Wearables Ltd, Orion House, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1HH. Company number 10093360; VAT registration number 258044208. The K ...
    • Is my K Ring waterproof?

      Yes! The inner band of K Ring is made from a hard inert resin which seals the electronics and renders it completely waterproof. You can wash your hands as much as you like while wearing your K Ring, and it won't be harmed by hand sanitiser, either.
    • Will my K Ring expire?

      Yes, your K Ring will expire – much like a credit or debit card – 4 years after the date of issue. We will alert you 30 days before your K Ring expires to give you plenty of time to order a replacement.
    • How do I buy a K Ring?

      To buy a K Ring, ABN AMRO customers should visit: