Can I use my K Ring abroad?

Can I use my K Ring abroad?

Yes: anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments  currently over 40 million locations worldwide. You may be required to enter your PIN for certain transactions abroad, so please request your PIN before you travel.

If your K Ring is linked to our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard account, we use Mastercard’s foreign exchange rate, and any associated fees can be found in our Limits and Fees table.

Foreign transactions are clearly displayed on your statement, showing the value of the original transaction in the local currency, the exchange rate and the fee.

As we use Mastercard’s foreign exchange rates, you may notice a slight difference in amount between the point when you make the transaction and when the charge is finalised with Mastercard, which could be up to two days later; this may show on your statement as an End of Day Balance Adjustment.

If your K Ring is linked directly to your bank account (currently only available to ABN AMRO, KBC, KBC Brussels, CBC and Nordea bank customers), then your bank account’s rates and charges will apply as usual and we will not charge any additional fees.

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