Will I still get my usual loyalty points/rewards when I pay with my K Ring?

Will I still get my usual loyalty points/rewards when I pay with my K Ring?

If your K Ring is linked to our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® account and you load it using a card with which you collect loyalty points or receive cashback, you may still receive these, as a load will be categorised as a payment to K Wearables Ltd. This is dependant on your particular card issuer and we recommend confirming this with them.

If your K Ring is linked directly to your bank account (currently only available to ABN AMRO, KBC, KBC Brussels, CBC and Nordea bank customers), then you will continue to collect points or rewards as determined by your bank account’s terms and conditions.
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    • Will my K Ring expire?

      Yes, your K Ring will expire – much like a credit or debit card – 4 years after the date of issue. We will alert you 30 days before your K Ring expires to give you plenty of time to order a replacement.
    • Will my K Ring irritate my skin?

      K Ring’s inner band is made from an inert resin that has been specifically created with health and safety in mind, so it’s very unlikely that your K Ring will irritate your skin during normal usage. However, if you do experience any discomfort or ...
    • Can I use my K Ring abroad?

      Yes: anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments – currently over 40 million locations worldwide. You may be required to enter your PIN for certain transactions abroad, so please request your PIN before you travel. If your K ...
    • Can I buy a K Ring as a gift?

      Yes, you can. The K Ring isn’t linked to a specific account until it’s activated, and it can be delivered to any UK address, so it’s perfect to send as a gift. However, we recommend that rather than giving someone a K Ring, you instead give them a ...
    • Where can I pay with my K Ring?

      K Ring can be used to make a payment anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments. This includes stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, taxis and some public transport networks – just look out for the contactless payments ...