What’s the K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

What’s the K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

Your K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard funds the K Ring and the K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard, with each device drawing from the same pool of funds. You can connect multiple K Wearables devices to the same K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard.

The K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard is for use ONLY with contactless transactions via your K Ring.

The K Wearables Virtual Mastercard is a 16-digit long card number, an expiry date and a 3-digit security code, which is all you need to make a transaction online or over the phone. You can find your K Wearables Virtual Mastercard details in the Devices section when logged in to your K Account.

As with any payment card, you should keep the details of your K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard secure.

Funds, transactions and all K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard activity will always be displayed in your native currency by default.

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    • How is K Wearables associated with Mastercard®?

      The K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard programme is issued by Moorwand Ltd under license from Mastercard. Mastercard has formally issued a contactless vendor product letter of approval for the K Ring contactless payment ring, as an M/Chip Advance Payment ...
    • What checks are performed when I sign up to the K Wearables Virtual Mastercard?

      You will need to apply online for your virtual Mastercard, providing personal information including your name, home address and date of birth. We use this data to automatically verify your identity and address. In the event that we cannot ...
    • Is K Wearables authorised by the FCA in the UK?

      Yes, via our e-money issuer, Moorwand Limited, the company which issues the K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard®. Moorwand Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900709) for the issuing ...
    • Who makes K Ring?

      K Ring is made in the UK by K Wearables Ltd. The K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard® programme is operated by K Wearables Ltd, Orion House, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1HH. Company number 10093360; VAT registration number 258044208. The K ...
    • Will I still get my usual loyalty points/rewards when I pay with my K Ring?

      If your K Ring is linked to our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® account and you load it using a card with which you collect loyalty points or receive cashback, you may still receive these, as a load will be categorised as a payment to K Wearables Ltd. ...