How to load via credit or debit card

How to load via credit or debit card

We currently accept loads from Mastercard® and Visa credit and debit cards. There are no fees for loading via debit card (please see our Limits and Fees for our credit card fee), and the funds are immediately available to use with your K Ring.

  1. Log in to your K Account

  2. Click Account balance on the Welcome screen

  3. Select the Load tab 

  4. Enter the amount you wish to load and click the Load button

  5. Add the details of a new credit or debit card (or use a previously stored card)

  6. Click Pay now

If your card payment is successful, you will see the updated balance on screen and the funds will be immediately available to spend with your K Ring.

If you'd prefer to load via bank transfer, simply log in to your account and select Load Methods to view bank transfer details.


Having difficulties?

  1. Are you using a valid Mastercard or Visa card?
  2. Ensure you have not exceeded the number of permitted loads per day (see our Limits and Fees for more information)
  3. Ensure you have not exceeded the maximum load value
  4. Ensure you have not exceeded the maximum balance allowed on your Virtual Prepaid Mastercard account (see our Limits and Fees for more information)

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