How to edit your device name

How to edit your device name

When you're logged in, the Devices page lists all the K Rings linked to your account. If you have more than one K Ring, you may want to change their names to make it easier to identify them. This is useful if you ever want to switch a ring off or on, report it as lost/stolen, or when you want to be able to see which transactions in your statement were made with particular rings. 

Change the name of a device

  1. Login in to your K Account

  2. Select Devices from the main menu

  3. Select Edit details for the device you wish to rename

  4. Type the device's new name into the Name field, and click Update

Change the presentation order of your devices

  1. Select the reorder icon next to the device you want to move; the reorder icon looks like this:  

  2. Drag the icon up or down the screen and the selected device will move with it, changing its order within the list

  3. Release when you're happy with its new location

The Devices page will display items in the order in which you have set them; the order will also be updated in the dropdown list in your statement.

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