How do I contact K Wearables?

How do I contact K Wearables?

Send us a message by selecting the Submit a ticket button at the bottom of the screen.

Or email us at:

You can also write to us at:

K Wearables
Orion House
Bessemer Road
Welwyn Garden City

If your K Ring has been lost or stolen, then call us immediately on 0844 502 0450

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    • How is K Wearables associated with Mastercard®?

      The K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard programme is issued by Moorwand Ltd under license from Mastercard. Mastercard has formally issued a contactless vendor product letter of approval for the K Ring contactless payment ring, as an M/Chip Advance Payment ...
    • What’s the K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

      Your K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard funds the K Ring and the K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard, with each device drawing from the same pool of funds. You can connect multiple K Wearables devices to the same K Wearables Virtual Prepaid ...
    • Is K Wearables authorised by the FCA in the UK?

      Yes, via our e-money issuer, Moorwand Limited, the company which issues the K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard®. Moorwand Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900709) for the issuing ...
    • Who makes K Ring?

      K Ring is made in the UK by K Wearables Ltd. The K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard® programme is operated by K Wearables Ltd, Orion House, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1HH. Company number 10093360; VAT registration number 258044208. The K ...
    • How secure is my K Ring?

      As K Ring uses the same technology as a contactless debit card, transactions made with your ring are just as secure as those made with a traditional contactless card. Furthermore, to make a payment with K Ring, it must be within very close proximity ...