Are there any fees or charges to my account for using K Ring?

Are there any fees or charges to my account for using K Ring?

There are no fees for UK purchases with your K Ring, but we do charge a non-domestic transaction fee for purchases made abroad.

You can load your K Wearables Virtual Mastercard with funds via bank transfer or a debit card without incurring fees.

Please see the detailed view of our Limits and Fees for using the K Wearables Prepaid Mastercard programme.
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    • Can I use my K Ring abroad?

      Yes: anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments – currently over 40 million locations worldwide. You may be required to enter your PIN for certain transactions abroad, so please request your PIN before you travel. If your K ...
    • How secure is my K Ring?

      As K Ring uses the same technology as a contactless debit card, transactions made with your ring are just as secure as those made with a traditional contactless card. Furthermore, to make a payment with K Ring, it must be within very close proximity ...
    • Can I have more than one K Ring?

      Yes, you can attach up to 3 rings to your K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®, and they will all be sharing the funds... ideal if you want your ring to match your outfit! You can turn off a ring that you're not using by logging in to your K ...
    • How do I link my K Ring to my account?

      Please see our article: How to link and activate your K Ring
    • Will I still get my usual loyalty points/rewards when I pay with my K Ring?

      If your K Ring is linked to our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® account and you load it using a card with which you collect loyalty points or receive cashback, you may still receive these, as a load will be categorised as a payment to K Wearables Ltd. ...